Workbooks are just a box of drawers, which allow storage of files and folders. These cabinets are available in two types called the lateral and vertical filing cabinets. Another type of cabinet is the cabinet file cabinet with wheels, also called the mobile file. Filing is based on four rolling wheels and it is easy to move. 3 drawer filing cabinet with two drawers mobile filing cabinet useful for paper, pens and a place where other office supplies are maintained. There is a box called the spool file. This file drawer is used to hold letter or legal files. Another thing which is called as drawer pulls and the cup has two options for finishing. Rolling cabinets with two drawers for storing the value of the essential elements of the office. The drawer in the wheel is the file drawer. There is a cut that is used for all workbooks Balling drawers on wheels. It has two drawers and utility of a file drawer with a letter of legal moves on four wheels for easy mobility. Available in brown and black Toscana Tuscany. Also available in golden oak. The assembly often requires 15.8 * 13 * 24 cm of space. Classic style is combined with the versatility of wheels. Filing stock may be used in standalone mode or sometimes used to create and consolidate. There is a two-tone case that is mounted before shipping. 3 drawer filing cabinet assembly fits into any C Series Desktop shell. Sources and the files must be stored in three-drawer mobile. It also has a two-tone case that is mounted before shipping.